The Ethiopian Empire is known as Abyssinia. It encompasses the geographical states of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Not just an area but a very deep rooted culture with remarkable layers and One of the lesser explored avenues in India especially when it comes to the Culinary space. Abyssinian, comes from the house of Savya Rasa . First launched in Chennai and then relaunched in Pune, which makes this one of the[…]

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The Urban Foundry Kalyani Nagar An unusual Foundry Concept, A very successful experiment. The first outlet of TUF (The Urban Foundry) found its due in no time. An intriguing set of interiors with well heeled yet simplistic vibes. Music you can groove to, a scrumptious menu which reads comfort and a drop down list of endless drinks. No points for guessing what ‘attributes’ to TUF’s success. TUF’s long queues are[…]

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Nine Square Creaticity Mall, Pune I have always asserted and sworn on my love for meat. A true blue carnivore, red meat devotee and a sucker for seafood is in awe of this Brand NEW VEGETARIAN bistro – Nine Square. Why and How? Read On. A brand new label to hit Pune under the dominion of Celebrity Chef Ajay Chopra. You know when the craft is in right hands, the[…]

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A revelation for Teetotalers. 3 Sisters, a functional drinks brand based out of Mumbai is giving you the kick sans alcohol. They market Non Alcoholic beer, available in 6 different variants with 0 % Alcohol sourced from Denmark. 0% Alcohol, as they claim, is a boon for teetotalers or those who want to party but can’t afford a hangover. The beers are vibrant, zesty and tasteful. The Process Non Alcoholic[…]

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JD’s Cafe East Street, Camp What a Place! You know you’ve hit a great spot when there is an array of deliciousness (read across the glass counter) right in front of you! A slight look at your right and you see the magnanimous menu, in bold and chalk staring down at you. What a sight, more like a revelation.The menu starts as basic as ₹30 and goes up to ₹190. […]

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I’m Aliya Nada Saifi aka Lobster Pasta Lady, a passionate food blogger based in Pune and currently feeding my soul. I define myself as a carnivore, teetotaller and a dessert digger!

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