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1441 Pizzeria

Koregaon Park

1441 are the geographical coordinates of Naples, Italy . The wood fired oven concept has been in presence since the dawn of civilization but was articulated and given shape only at Naples. Pizza and Naples have had a liaison like no other, the renowned Neapolitan Pizza was born here.

So much for its history, but are wood fired pizzas your kind of pizza?

If you like the crust thick and infested with cheese or your bread too thick at the base. Then steer clear from the Wood fired brand. The Neapolitan pizzas are made from hand kneaded dough, uneven, thin and very rustic in appearance. Margarita base, mozzarella galore – all atop a beautiful base, rough on the edges and charcoal finish embedded in aroma and texture.

Pune has seen a couple of brands make a blink and miss appearance in Neapolitan pizza scenes. While a few survived, no brand as renowned as 1441 Pizzeria has entered the city. With over 10 branches in Mumbai and close to 3 in Pune. 1441 Pizzeria gets heads turning with their concept.

DIY Pizza

DIY Pizza which lets you choose from over 50 plus toppings. As exciting as it may sound, it’s a feat to choose your toppings and sauce especially when you have to make your pizza from scratch. If you don’t trust your instincts or not in the mood to wreck your brains, then go for the Chef’s recommendations listed on the menu.

The Pizza that I planned was pretty close to what I got to the plate. Skipped the veggies straight up except some caramelized onions and luscious black olives. An overload of meat toppings (They do NOT serve Pork or Beef) was satisfying to the core. I think lost a bit while choosing the sauce, the plain marinara went slightly bland for me. Since it’s your pizza, choose wisely.


The sides menu is basic and thankfully limited. The Cheese Dough Balls are kneaded and stuffed with cheese right before your eyes before being shoved into the massive wood fired oven. How does it fare in terms of taste?  Well, bread and cheese can rarely go wrong. It’s a ball of cheese, soft to the touch and delightful on the tongue.

The Chicken Wings – Barbeque and Peri Peri (my preference would be the former) were also grilled in the same wood fired oven. The taste lends a slight a charcoal aroma, albeit mild. The Wings are skimpy, would prefer more meat on the bird. But, their cuts seemed to be pretty lean.

Add Ons

Amongst other things, they have a bottomless soft drink counter, which just adds on the junk laden environment. Their Chocolate Mousse is heavenly and a definite try whenever you hit this place. The dessert options also boast of their signature Tiramisu and Nutella Dough Balls (on the lines of the savory dough balls).

To put it out loud, 1441 Pizzeria has potential and targets a large chunk of Pune’s population thanks to it’s pricing and social media presence. What awaits is the acceptance of the Neapolitan pizzas in the long run, by the masses who are very accustomed to the traditional style of pizza.


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 Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by 1441 Pizzeria. The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.


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