Now get drunk without getting wasted with 3 Sisters’ Non Alcoholic Beer!

A revelation for Teetotalers.

3 Sisters, a functional drinks brand based out of Mumbai is giving you the kick sans alcohol. They market Non Alcoholic beer, available in 6 different variants with 0 % Alcohol sourced from Denmark.

0% Alcohol, as they claim, is a boon for teetotalers or those who want to party but can’t afford a hangover. The beers are vibrant, zesty and tasteful.

The Process

Non Alcoholic or NA beer is processed exactly like your regular beers except the last few steps. A process called reverse osmosis or a simple heating technique just at about the time of fermentation brings the change. The alcohol is drained off and what remains is the flavor, which is rightfully ‘Beer Lovers Approved’.

The Variants

Having tried each of these and never having tried Beer, I can satisfactorily comment that I liked it. The Cranberry is a clear winner. This super fruit flavor is bang on.

The Ginger Ale and German Lager is for the hard-cores I suppose! Beer fanatics may take this in great spirit, since it’s heavy, dark and by public opinion – the most Beer Like.  This is the closest they get in terms of aroma and the look when it comes to regular beer.

The Peach and Strawberry are mild. If its gotten too sweet for a teetotaler, I assume this could also be enjoyed by kids and young adults, not having the ticket to a bar!

The products are reasonably priced and  now readily available at a cafe/restaurant near you. You could also place your orders directly on their website.

Check this out for details –

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