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Travelling Flatbread Festival at Café 212

Travelling Flatbread Festival at Café 212

Chef Paul Kinny, one of the most ingenious minds on the culinary block in the city has curated a globally inspired ‘Flatbread Menu’. Treat yourselves to the multifarious flavors from all corners of the globe, of course in an enticing ‘Cheese on Bread’ format at Café 212.

Flatbread is a typical term for flattened dough made out of flour which can be leavened or unleavened. To put it out more simplistically, everything from your regular ‘Roti’ to ‘Pita Bread’ is included in the flatbread definition. At Café 212, we are more into ‘Thin Crust’ bases topped with oodles of exotic cheese and toppings that encompass all major cuisine lines across the world.

Café 212 has been one of my preferred spots to dine when at Phoenix Market City. Blame it on the easy breezy ambience, mouth watering grub or the location advantage (Yes, the café is pretty close to the entrance). Another reason which had me all fired up for this festival was my last experience with Chef Paul’s ‘Travelling Sushi’ festival ( Follow Link) The Sushi menu was simply extraordinary so much so that I warrant that no other place can validate ‘Global’ and ‘Travel’ any better and reflect a spitting image of their thoughts on to the food.

Here’s taking you through the Globally inspired yet local essence of the Travelling Flatbread Festival!


  • The Parisian

Rating – 5/5

Easily the best variant in the vegetarian zone and staying true to the Parisian (that which belongs to Paris) feels, this flatbread is a piece of art. Ragout or Mushroom stew muddled with truffle oil and sprinkled with parmesan is a delight on the tongue. The overall flavor is mushy and creamy with hints of spinach. #HighlyRecommended

  • The Mexicana

Rating – 3/5

Hear Mexican and you envisage a splash of colors with peppers, tortilla chips, kidney beans and salsa. Well, all these elements are in place in this variant. What falls short is a certain overload of toppings and lack of cheese. With a little compromise on the beans, this flatbread would definitely level up.

  • The Italiano

Rating – 4/5

A collection of topping synonymous with comfort food. Sundried tomatoes, jalapenos and fleshy capers enveloped in bocconcini cheese on a bed of plum tomato sauce is exotic and so Italian. Bocconcini are little egg shaped parcels of Mozzarella cheese, a variant originating from Naples in Italy. The parcels lend an ‘on-off burst’ of cheese rather than a single tone across the landscape of the Flatbread.

  • The Middle Eastern Classic

Rating – 3.5/5

Coming to the Transcontinental region centered in Asia, Middle Eastern is often read as Hummus, pickled vegetables and some finger licking baba ganoush in the parallel culinary world. The elements are once again on point and the appearance clearly depicts the origins of the flatbread. However, there happens to be a misalignment in the way the toppings are placed. A little work and this could be the next favorite of the Arabs.

  • The Swiss

Rating – 4/5

One of the most ‘light on your palate’ flatbreads recommended for nosy eaters. Asparagus is one of the core ingredients widely used in Swiss cuisine. You will find it in their pies, quiche, eggs etc. This particular flatbread combines asparagus and bell peppers with fleshy plum tomatoes on a bed of emmental cheese. Simple and on point.


  • The Turk

Rating – 5/5

Turkish cuisine has emerged as a refinement of the Middle Eastern region. Lamb Kibbeh is a Levantine dish made from finely minced meat and minced red onions. The flatbread is loaded with droolworthy deconstructed Kibbeh, roasted garlic and plum tomatoes with a splash of mozzarella cheese. If you fancy the pull, this one is for you. #HighlyRecommended

  • The Norwegian

Rating – 5/5

An absolutely flawless preparation of Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, mozzarella, capers and plum tomatoes. The mild flavor of salmon and sour cream cheese compliment each other in an excellent form. There is no stopping at one. Seafood lovers, this should be your go-to option. #HighlyRecommended

  • Meat Special

Rating – 5/5  

Another feather in the hat at the festival. Minced chicken meatballs in Bolognese sauce and assorted peppers loaded on a thin crust, finished with mozzarella. The dish hits all the right notes of tanginess, cheesiness and of course meatiness. Stupendous attempt. #HighlyRecommended

212 All Day Cafe and Bar

Travelling Flatbread Festival – Ongoing (December 2017)

Timing –  11:30 AM to 11:30 PM

G-53, Phoenix Market City, Nagar Road, Viman Nagar, Pune

Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by Carpe Diem on behalf of Cafe 212. A big shoutout to Svetlana Savant for being a fun and gracious host.  The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.

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