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Rajasthani Food Festival at Jovos

Jovos – Rajasthani Food Festival


Food Festivals are the latest trend to swing by. An excuse to break the fetters of monotony and give an untried & unaccustomed break to your guests. Such food fests, are generally time bound and are an open ground for restaurateurs to test waters in an unfamiliar space.

A Cultural Food Festival in a Bar?

Rajasthani Culture emerges as one the most traditional forms of cuisine while Jovos is the quirkiest bar in the neighbourhood. What would the menu be like, Dal Bati infused with Vodka? (Mandatory rolling of eyes) Amidst mixed feelings and lopping my apprehensions, I gave the festival an unbiased turn to prove its ground, and it definitely did.

Level one of the restaurant which houses the usual karaoke set up was enveloped in colors. With bandhni prints pinned up neatly on the walls and the quintessential ‘Padharo Maare Des’ track replacing EDM, Jovos legit sets up the tone for the festival.

The Rajasthani Food Festival has a Set Thali and an A la Carte menu to pick from. A moment of heartfelt gratitude to the management at Jovos for retaining the originality of the Thali. The dishes are traditional recipes wherein no element of modern day culinary drama is infused. #BigYay

Unravelling The Thali

The Thali is a rich and colossal array of some quintessential Marwadi dishes. The vegetarian delicacies are popular names in Rajasthani and Gujarati households. Dal Dhokli and Khatta Dhokla were the appetizers for the night. The former is a popular one pot meal dish with wheat flour dhoklis while the latter was spongy and flavorful enough to pass as authentic.

Khatta DhoklaThe Main Course was a platter consisting of Undiyo, the Gujarat version of mix vegetables prepared with seasonal produce common in winters. My first tryst with this dish and not something I would fancy, with undertones of sweet and sour.

The Gatte ki Sabzi was the winner for me. Soft gram flour dumplings in scrumptious and mildly spicy gravy tasted heavenly with those hot phulkas. Something which does complete justice to the essence of the food festival.

A very new version of Aloo Chips was served on the Thali, homemade handcut potato slices tossed in a sweet chilly base. This one had me pleasantly surprised. The Paneer Capsicum, Khatti Meethi Dal and Kadhi all had an overpowering sweet edge to the flavors, which is not something my palate approves of while going savory.

We also had some Ram Khichdi also known as Gatta Pulao, an authentic preparation in Rajasthani cuisine. Good level of spices and colors, a mixed vegetarian pulao for a layman like me.

The Thali already had an inherent dose of sweetlings but we had the Sitaphal Basundi and Gajar Halwa to give the formal final touches. Both equally rich and satisfying.

Rajasthani Thali

The A La Carte Line Up

Impressive. Most of my sought after non vegetarian delicacies had been stocked up on this list. The Keema Patti ka Samosa was a blast of flavors. Minced chicken which oozed freshness in every bite. A mint yoghurt dip to add some punch and this can be polished off in a jiffy.

Keema Patti SamosaThe Jovos effect was evident in the A la Carte menu. We tried the Thepla Tacos with Peru Nu Shak (savory stir fry made with ripe guavas). Traditionally it is best enjoyed with rotlas, but the methi theplas worked just fine.

Makai Wadi Sliders were simple mini burgers with corn cutlets. Nothing too traditional but bang on flavors. Light and flavorful.

SlidersLaal Maas with Jeera Rice, a dish I was waiting for with bated breath but which didn’t quite live up to my expectations. A good dish which could do better with slight working on the meat, which was tough to break at few instances.

lal maasMachchli Jaisamandi with Coriander rice, the dish which struck all the right chords. Pan fried tilapia fish laced in a yoghurt, mint an coriander base. The flavors were beautiful layers of rich, creamy and edgy. The highlight of the festival, undoubtedly.

Machchli Jaisamandi

Rajasthani Food Festival

Date : 15th To 17th December’17

Unlimited Thalis (available only during the day) priced at ₹445 ++


Shop 7, Bizz Bay Mall, NIBM Road, Pune

Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by Jovos. The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.

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