Irish House Pune

Ales and Community Eats Cult at The Irish House

The Irish House -Nitesh Hub, Koregaon Park

The ‘Legendary Ales’ accompanied by the ‘Gift of the Gab’ are two of the most renowned stereotypes of being Irish. A nation exalted in extending their warmth and hospitality, of course with an overwhelming sense of humour, The Irish House in Pune delivers without a clinch.

The second outlet of The Irish House in Nitesh Hub, Koregaon Park opened to public with aplomb. With a glitzy –glam launch party which was easily the talk of the town for a few months in a row, the Pub clearly wins in terms of ambience, the ostentatious bar and a very resplendent grub line up.

Irish House Pune

The restaurant is artistically developed in shades of wood. A little teak in color while a lot of pun in taglines and posters, you have got yourselves hooked on to the wall, quite literally people.

The Menu is predominantly what pub-goers look out for. Endorsing the Community Eats Cult, the menu’s kingpin is mostly appetizers (ideal with a pint or two). Amidst the interesting line up of cocktails, the Spiced Guava Mary mocktail stood out, highly recommended for all teetotalers like me. Guava with a kickass punch and a rim lined with red chilli is addictive.

Spiced Guava Mary

  1. Crispy Sriracha Rigatoni

Rating – 4/5

This is one phenomenal appetizer at Irish House. Crumb fried rigatoni (tube-shaped pasta) oozing with sriracha cheese is the perfect combination of strong, hot yet creamy. The edginess of the cheese got me captivated enough, didn’t really need the ranch dip on the side.

Crispy Sriracha Rigatoni

  1. Headless Chicken Platter

Rating – 3.5/5

A plateful of all things Chicken. The Chicken Tenders would easily be my pick followed by the Chicken Popcorn. The Belfast Wings, quite unlike the signature Chicken Wings fell short taste and texture wise. The barbeque dressing is prepared in house but lacked the required smokiness. With an array of dips read garlic mayo, chilli mayo and tomato chipotle, the platter is a great pick for chicken lovers.

Headless Chicken Platter

  1. The Melting Pot Fondue

Rating – 4.5/5

I have tried plenty fondues but never anything as pumped up as the one at Irish. The flavors of Jalapeno stand strong and add the extra punch to the three cheese compound in the melting pot. On the sides, we have mushrooms, roasted potatoes, tomatoes, and some extremely delicious focaccia which by the way, create a marvelous option to dip or rather dig in.

 Melting Pot Fondue

  1. Dogs in a Pot

Rating – 5/5

A very intriguing name and an equally delicious attempt at Hot Dogs. A simple dish finished with such perfection, it makes you want to take a bow. Mini pesto hot dog buns with smoked chicken sausages dipped in a spicy cheese sauce and sprinkled with fried onions elevating the flavors to another level. You can’t miss this perfect blend of flavors at Irish.

Dogs In A Pot

  1. Ghost Pepper Smoked Chicken Salad

Rating – 3/5

A salad with potential but comes out average primarily due to lack of meat followed by some very scanty dressing.  A little more of the creamy ghost pepper dressing could raise the flavors considerably. Also I would love to skip the carrots and boiled egg, they seemed pretty off for the combination. On the good side, expect a good deal of seasoned black beans, char grilled corn, jalapenos and cucumbers.

Ghost Pepper Smoked Chicken Salad

  1. Moroccan Lamb

Rating – 3/5

A one pot meal dish. Cracked wheat on the side, we’ve got some juicy lamb chunks cooked in a herby-tangy base. The meat was slightly tough to cut which was clearly the major glitch here. A dish far too mellow in flavors for my liking.

Moroccan Lamb

Dual Chocolate Torte

Rating – 5/5

A silken smooth combination of dark and white chocolate mousse. The layering of dark and white works beautifully to create a luscious and finger licking dessert. A dessert rich in texture, flavors and layers is easily what you need to brighten up a dull day.

Dual Chocolate Torte

  1. Devilish Chocolate Brownie

Rating – 4/5

It would be criminal to go wrong with a simple chocolate brownie. Irish House is not guilty but deserves a pat on the back for giving us a very dense and dark brownie, crumbly in texture with a gooey centre, just what a brownie should be. Brownie Points worthy?

Devilish Chocolate Brownie

The Irish House also hosts a line of Special Menus,  a Business Lunch Menu alongside a Lazy Lunch Menu for those on a budget yet want to have it all. A highly recommended spot for those who believe in laid back afternoons and also those who want to bring the house down on a Saturday night. Good food, Great Music, Fabulous Drinks and a Breathtaking Ambience! #BeingIrish lauded and how!

Irish House Pune

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Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by Carpe Diem on behalf of The Irish House, Pune.  The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.

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