Absolutely everything that is freshly baked is Soul Food for me. If Appliances were Human, the OVEN would be my Best Friend. I am someone who can munch on plain milk buns and I swear I won’t need any condiments.  Even the aroma of a bakery gets me salivating!


Life is simple, people complicate it. Similarly in our Parallel Foodie Universe, our simple ‘bread and butter’ is not so simple anymore. Alas! And the dilemma is not just white and brown (we aren’t getting racist here). The simple yeast is spun and baked across different cultures to create a new variant each time, giving it a new name and purpose.

Exploring this ‘Breaderhood’ would be pretty interesting for all bakery lovers like me. Let no one fool you into believing that the Bagel and Donut are one and the same. With ‘Lobster Pasta Lady’s Bread Guide’ with you, you’re smarter than they thought you were.

 1. Croissant

I belong to –Austria

My Looks – Layered, Flaky and Crescent Shaped

LPL’s Take – A great breakfast option. I prefer the chocolate/nutella filled ones. They can get me going at any the time of the day. The sign of a perfectly done croissant is the buttery texture and the layers should be clearly visible when you slice it.

2. Bagel

I belong to – Poland

My Looks –  Ring

LPL’s Take – The identical twin of the donut. The Bagel- Donut Dilemma has been there since time immemorial.  Bagel is wheat based, more dense and chewy. The ‘cream cheese bagel’ is the most widely known variety. Sesame based and salted ones are often used as a base for sandwiches. I call them the burgers with a hole.

3. Donut

I belong to – North America

My Looks –   Ring (Sweet)

LPL’s Take – The Ultimate Dessert Solution. Have the regulars, centre filled or glazed. The donut has been successfully used in a variety of flavors. My all time favorites are the center filled ones. I prefer the filling oozing out when I first bite them.

4. Baguette

I belong to – France

My Looks – Lean, Crispy & Lengthy

LPL’s Take – The word is derived from an Italian word which means the ’wand’.  Most common usage is to dip buttered chunks of baguette in hot coffee or hot chocolate.

Health Freak Alert : It is the type which contains the least amount of preservatives.

5. Foccacia

I belong to – Italy

My Looks – Flat Bread

LPL’s Take – A lot like pizza base and has a flavor of it’s own. This is a big reason why you won’t generally need any toppings or accompaniments with this one. It’s a meal in itself.

6. Lavash

I belong to – Armenia

My Looks –  Soft & Thin Flatbread

LPL’s Take –  It is made in the Tandoor and is super thin and turns pliable on cooling. A videsi version of our desi ‘Roti’. Can be used pretty much for anything – on the sides or as a base for your homemade rolls.

7. Pita

I belong to – Middle East

My Looks – Hollow Flatbread, Disc Shaped

LPL’s Take – The covering of your shawarmas and falafels, and of course the mandatory side order with Hummus. Those who are fond of Mediterranean cuisine are pretty acquainted with this variety. Surprisingly, Pita bread can also be tried with plain butter or peanut butter and you have an easy-peezy snack ready in a jiffy (Tip: Heat it for a few seconds in the microwave, bless me later)

8. Pretzel

I belong to – Germany

My Looks – Knot Shaped

LPL’s Take – This knotty member is an ideal on the go snack. It is often covered with a sweet glaze or a herby-salty flavor.

9. Tortilla

I belong to – Europe

My Looks – Flatbread

LPL’s Take – There are the chips and then there is the bread. The Tortilla bread is traditionally made of corn or wheat. The wheat version being more Spanish.  The Taco coverings are the most common form of Tortilla bread that you may find.  Highly popular in Mexican cuisine.

10. Ciabatta

I belong to – Italy

My Looks –  Elongated, Broad & Flat

LPL’s Take –  Used as a bruschetta base or for  paninis. You could call this a new member to the Breaderhood community. It was ‘cook-evered’ (read: discovered by a cook) in 1982 by a baker in Italy as an answer to the French Baguette. The Kitchen is indeed a place of wonderful dish-coveries.

LPL’s All Time Favorites in Pune

Nothing can overcome the vibes that the city’s oldest bakeries exuberate. Low Key, No Façade – just doing what they do best – Baking. These bakeries have happened to stand the tests of time. Ask them about competition, what’s that?

Choosing any one particular item from these bakeries would be unfair. Visit them if you still haven’t and choose your pick!

Kayani Bakery, East Street

Pick : Mawa Cakes, Plum Cakes, Shrewsbery Biscuits


Imperial Bakery, East Street

Pick : Cheeslings, Walnut Brownies, Jam Rolls, Milk Buns


Diamond Bakery, Fatema Nagar

Pick: Maska-Pav, Diamond Bakery Special, Cream Rolls


P.S Lobster Pasta Lady is working on listing down the best places where you can relish the members of This Breaderhood in Pune. Stay Hooked and Keep Reading!

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