Chinese Thali & Soya Chaap – A Deliciously Unusual Tale at The Urban Foundry!

The Urban Foundry

Kalyani Nagar

An unusual Foundry Concept, A very successful experiment.

The first outlet of TUF (The Urban Foundry) found its due in no time. An intriguing set of interiors with well heeled yet simplistic vibes. Music you can groove to, a scrumptious menu which reads comfort and a drop down list of endless drinks. No points for guessing what ‘attributes’ to TUF’s success.

TUF’s long queues are not limited to just Baner anymore. Cerebrum IT Park in Kalyani Nagar is where the crowd at!

This wasn’t my first visit to the brand. Their Thai Chicken Thighs and Soya Chaap have been my Go-To Recommendations for the Must Haves in the city. So yeah, that good!

Their menu is unique in entirety. Their Gulab Jamun Cheesecake is a blessing. A blessing for cheesecake lovers. The Red Velvet Kulfi is dolled up and makes a pretty Instagram post but, not my ‘thing’ taste wise.

Amidst fabulous new offers for corporates and individual diners, the Foundry Thali comes forth as phenomenal. Why so?

  1. The X Factor : While the Indian Thaal/Thali concept is widespread. Expecting a Chinese Thali is a bolt from the blue.
  2. Value For Money : The Chicken at 349++ and Vegetarian at 299++ is sure a steal. 
  3. Share-ability : Small eaters are in for a double treat. The stuff is sure enough for the two of you. Also, its permitted at TUF!
  4. World on a plate : Everything from your Chindian meal dreams is right here. A bowl of noodles, fried rice that can be coupled with some Chilly Chicken and Manchurian. A leg to pull and some mousse to top it all. For the rest, have a look!

P.S The Belly Full Thalis are available from Monday to Friday 12PM – 4 PM. 

Apart from this, some delectable items from the menu really caught our attention. And rightfully so!

The Jholokia Garlic Chicken Dumpling is your favourite dumpling gone wild. The Bhoot Jholokia hits you just about when you begin to enjoy the smooth texture and finely minced chicken stuffing. Beguiling beauty, I call it.


The Chicken Chaat would be another hot recommendation. You just don’t miss the papdi and the inclusion of chicken neither takes away nor adds much to the dish. The blend of flavors gets the catch here, truly praiseworthy!

If you are in the mood for Sushis, TUF would definitely not be ‘The Place’ to hit! The stuff is good, more when judged as a standalone fusion dish. 

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