Deliciously Odd – The Odds’ Bar

The Odds’ Bar

It’s bound to raise eyebrows if it’s ODD. But when it comes from the brand you trust, there’s more excitement than apprehension.

L’ Dorado the golden Food truck has been on Pune’s Food scenes for almost 3 years now. 3 years of dishing up excellent grub or Satisfying junk, to put it straight! The Odds’ Bar is a new baby from the house of L’ Dorado. A fresh new menu which is a result of passionate experimentation in the kitchen. The outcome – interesting and definitely not outrageous.

Combinations that will leave you more amused and less confused, here’s what Odds Bar brings to the table.


Their collection of chicken wings is nothing but splendid. I have been a regular at the truck over years and hands down they serve the meatiest wings in the city. I tried the Wasabi Maple, Parmesan Pesto, Activated Charcoal and the Thecha Wings. A custom made platter for the glutton! The Wasabi Maple was the clear winner for me! The pungency of wasabi set off beautifully by the inclusion of maple. The taste is primarily sweet but leaves you with a slightly harsh wasabi aftertaste. Outstanding stuff. #HighlyRecommended


A new wave of ribbon fries (paper thin and curvy) and tater tots (cylindrical, grated and deep fried) is here to stay. These are some of the options you could pick apart from the regular and crinkle cuts! Choice of toppings ranging from Seafood to Mutton Ghee Roast makes you gaga instantly. The Mutton Ghee Roast is minced keema with bold Mangalorean flavors. Not for the faint hearted and a drool-worthy crown for your fries.


An odd take on the mezze platter. Hummus and tzatziki with a heap of toasted pita bread and fries. These are your munchies redefined! The Hummus was fine, tzatziki can be worked on a little.


Cheese fanatics are in for a treat with their range of sandwiches. From grilled chicken to Ham, their selection is exotic. I tried the Mushroom. Subtle in flavors, very soft on the palate.


A very intriguing introduction would be the Italian Cream Sodas. Unlike its name, these happened to have originated in San Francisco, USA where Italian syrups were mixed with soda. It’s a simple concoction of carbonated water, syrups and cream (in this case). Available in almost 7 variants, these cream sodas are fruit flavored and citrusy in essence. Not something I usually trip on but those with a sweet tooth would dig this for sure.


The desserts are dreamy. Cheesecake pops dunked in caramel, rolled on chocolate crisps. Spin the wheel and you have a fully customised cheesecake on a stick. Their Hot Chocolate is delicious too. Let’s just stop at – they have marshmallows!

If you do like experimenting, I’m sure you would love what they offer. Also, I wish the duo of Rashi and Prateek yet another round of lasting success. Also the Odds’ Bar is an all day food – bar! Just good food and happy spirits to get you high! You didn’t think they serve alcohol? Well, What are the Odds.

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