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BMG Unplugged

No, I am not a woman of slangs and acronyms but some experiences can be best elucidated in such ‘new age’ lingo. If you’ve had enough of the ‘KP-Mundhwa’ and ‘Baner-Balewadi’ spheres in the city then Amanora houses a rather gigantic surprise. BMG Unplugged is a compelling new catch in the city.

Currently, thronged by office troupes (courtesy its proximity to the Magarpatta commercial hub), BMG has definitely not gotten its due. The restaurant is a massive space with vivid quirky interiors, quite a lineup of bands on weekends, a coruscating bar serving some potent cocktails and mouthwatering grub (read Desi + Fusion) to say the least. This place has outright potential to give some A League resto-pubs in the city a run for its money.

The grub is predominantly North Indian. Right from the names on the menu to when you dig in for your first bite, the flavors reek of Northern lands, very ‘Dilli Style’ to be precise. Even the ‘Pav Bhaji Fondue’, something which I was quite apprehensive to try, was nothing like what we are used to in the city.

Top 6 At BMG

  1. Stuffed Cheese Paneer Tikka

The name is fairly self explanatory. One of the best versions of Paneer Tikka you could try, sliced and cloaked in tandoori spices and stuffed with melting cheese. The presentation is distinctly inviting. A true feast for all your senses.

 Stuffed Paneer Tikka

  1. Pav Bhaji Fondue

The dish comes as a welcome change and is bang on in terms of flavor and grain, the fondue element is more for appearance-sake with severed bits of crunchy ‘pav’ on the side. A dish with zero expectations pulled of remarkably.

Pav Bhaji Fondue

  1. Chicken Seelkhand

One of their signature preparations standing almost close to the stuffed paneer tikka. (Yes, the paneer wins hands down). I genuinely appreciate how the spices are so well balanced and distinct for every dish. A quick suggestion would be to gulp this down without wasting anytime as the chicken tends to get wizened after a while.

Chicken Seelkhand

  1. Mushroom Galouti

In the past year or so, a whole lot of experimentation has been mushrooming (d-uh) in the city in the name of Galouti. Historically this fabled kebab boasts of the most ‘melt in the mouth’ version of minced mutton prepared for a toothless king. In the parallel green world, the chefs have gone one step ahead to re-create the same mushiness with mushrooms. Task well accomplished.

Mushroom Galouti

  1. Keema Kaleji with Kulcha

A combination close to my heart, the name itself makes me weak in the knees. The Keema – Kaleji at BMG is manifestly divine. It retains the inherent street style flavors and appearance, the lemon-onion garnish leaves you feeling homesick. Accompanied by some soft kulchas, the combination is beautiful and right off any meat lover’s exotic dream.

Keema Kaleji with Kulcha

  1. Red Velvet Ice Cream

A classic example of how simplicity fares above all else. The ice cream was smooth, creamy and prepared right in front of our eyes courtesy, the nitrogen fad. The garnish had me slightly perplexed but one of the most wholly satisfying scoop of ice cream that I’ve tasted in a while sans all the show-sha!

Red Velvet Ice Cream

Other noteworthy mentions would definitely include the ‘Thai Green Penne’ which had pasta tossed in thai green curry paste. A decent attempt to put together two contrasting cuisines. The flavor of galangal was oddly on a higher note, a little work there could elevate this dish to another level.

Thai Green Penne

The ‘Mushroom Stroganoff’ was too plain Jane for my liking, not something I would recommend.

Mushroom Strogannof

The ‘Italian Style Parmesan Chicken’ was a gorgeous chunk of breast meat stuffed with creamy spinach and seasonings. The dish is a classic attempt but gains more on looks than taste. A blend of all things beautiful but probably the single tone flavor takes away quite a bit from this dish.

Italian Style Parmesan Chicken

My unmitigated verdict for BMG Unplugged is a Big, Fat Thumbs Up. The place ticks all the right notes for a trencher woman like me. It fascinates and fulfills simultaneously and deserves a sureshot visit.  

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Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by BMG Unplugged. The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.

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