House Of Bliss, Lonavala

House Of Bliss, Lonavala


There is pleasure in the pathless woods,

There is rapture in the lonely shore,

There is society where none intrudes,

I love not Man less, but Nature more.

-Lord Byron


Lounging on the green grass under the glistening rays of the sun.  A book in one hand, a cup of tea in another.  No beeping of alarms, no ringing of cell phones. If you are seeking a break from the mundane, disconnect to reconnect at the House of Bliss, Lonavala. 

About The Property

A few months ago, ‘Manasi Bungalow’ in Lonavala fondly known as ‘House Of Bliss’ hosted me and my girl gang, giving us one of our most fulfilling staycation experience. The property is a boutique villa located in Valvan, Lonavala sprawling over 28,000 sqft of lush green scapes.

Without further ado, here’s taking you through my Blissful experience at The House of Bliss.

10 Things To Do At House Of Bliss

I’m Trying not to sound too instructional, but here’s a list of 10 things that you could do (inspired by what we did) at the House Of Bliss, Lonavala.

  1. Yearning for some ‘Me Time’?

The best therapy is spending some time with yourself. Struggling with a  ‘writer’s block?  Or all you painters who haven’t held the brush in a long while. The property comes as an ideal ‘excuse’ or rather ‘inspiration’ to indulge in things you love to do.  Get your guitar, canvas, diary or anything that drives you and give yourself the break you deserve.

manasi bungalow

manasi bungalow


  1. Lemongrass Chai, anyone?

We were welcomed with steaming hot cups of tea. The property has a well kept in-house herb garden which houses lemongrass and tea leaves. The ‘Masala Chai’ infused with lemongrass is an exclusive in house offering.  We couldn’t ask for a better welcome.

lemongrass tea

  1. Chilling with the Squad

House of Bliss is equally recommended for some Solitude or to crash in with your gang and get the party going! The property has Two Suites and a Living Room with a total capacity of approx. 35-40 persons, the more the merrier, right?  With a 42” Inch LED TV and a fully equipped sound system, plan a movie marathon or shake a leg until the wee hours with your squad.


manasi bungalow

  1. Fun – n – Games

They have an umpteen number of indoor games to spoil you. Nothing beats wrecking your brains for a scrabble match while you sprawl in the garden.  Also, some Jenga with late night music is – blissful. The lawn is huge enough for a friendly football match or even gully cricket. Here’s a glimpse of what we girls were upto.

  1. Rustic Interiors

The interior of the bungalow is a mix of modern and rustic. The stone-finish on the walls and furniture is striking. Elements of surprise reflect in the furnishings and artifacts. If you have an eye for detail you will simply love lying down here and just gazing at the ceiling.

manasi bungalow

  1. Fitness Freaks

If basking in the sun while listening to chirping birds is your idea of a getaway, then House of Bliss is the place to be. The sprawling lawn is ideal for a jog or sweating it out. Get your yoga mats, stretch yourselves, breathe out and let it all go.

  1. Pet Friendly Villa

Yes, I’m afraid of animals – every four footed creature terrifies me, but then that’s just me right.  The bungalow extends a warm welcome to your extended family – your pets. Your pets can be at home on the lawn, in the room, in the verandah. I’m sure you would love to give them ‘their space’ where they don’t need to be chained or bounded.

  1. Culinary Experience

What’s a vacation without some good food?

Being absolute lazy bums, we didn’t step out of Manasi Bungalow even for a single meal.  There are a number of options which deliver to Manasi Bungalow –

House Of Bliss

  • Machli House (Rating : 4/5)

True to its name, they specialize in seafood but have a surprisingly delectable vegetarian spread too. The Chicken Reshmi Kabab, Palak Paneer and Mix. Veg being our absolute favorites. The food prepared is fresh and full of flavor. A complete Value for money option with an Approx.  cost of ₹ 200 per head. With an efficient and timely delivery, Machli House is definitely recommended when at House of Bliss.

  • Lonavala Restaurant & Bar (Rating : 3/5)

In an attempt to satiate our cravings for Desi Chinese, we discovered Lonavala Restaurant & Bar. We ordered a variety of Hakka Noodles with Chilly Chicken and Manchurian on the side. The serving portions are phenomenal but the taste was pretty average. Delivery is efficient though not very quick. The cost is approx. 300 per head.

  • Breakfast by Home Cook (Rating : 4/5)

A lavish breakfast spread is what we literally woke up to at the House of Bliss. Their in-house Chef Sunita had laid up a great mix from yummy Aloo Parathas to Fluffy Omelettes.  With Pohe and some chai on the side, we had breakfasts like Queens.

House Of Bliss

House Of Bliss

House Of Bliss


  1. Location Advantage

This one is for those who love to explore. House of bliss is located at Valvan which is pretty close to hubs such as German Bakery and Kinara Dhaba. Places of tourist interest such as the Wax Museum and Tiger Point are also not far off.

  1. Care-takers literally!

Last but not the least, the staff at Manasi Bungalow deserves a mention. They really are at your beck and call 24 hours of the day. Maintaining a huge property such as this, is a feat.  The guys do a commendable job with their hospitality, service, and ever smiling faces.  We spent some amazing time chit chatting and bonding with the caretakers of the property.


Enough said. Whether it’s a solo escape, some cozy time with bae or road trippin’ with your gang from Bombay – you know where to head!


For Details and Bookings

Manasi Bungalow

12/12, Valvan Village, Lonavala

Follow @manasibungalow on Instagram/Facebook

Email –

Mobile – +91 9820068611

Special mention to Manasvi Bhatia (Owner) for being an exceptional host and making us feel at home. Thank you for giving us a memorable experience.

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Omgggg, thank you so much Aliya! This post is lovely and really special. One of my most favourite till date. I hope there are many more reasons for you to come visit House Of Bliss Lonavala again. Me and my staff feel honoured to have hosted you and your friends at the property. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Lots of love 🙂


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