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Estroso – Wood Fired Pizza is a relatively new pizzeria on the block, serving some scrumptious comfort food, well yeah Pizzas (read WOOD FIRED and NEAPOLITAN). The drive to Wadgaonsheri, call it the obscure extension to Kalyani Nagar is not an easy feat but, the zeal to explore and devour unique picks in the city is above all else. The place is a 10-12 seater, run off the mill pizza parlor. The setting is basic and relaxed, not ideal for large gatherings.

Before we dwell on how star-struck I was with their Star-Pizza and how the Nutella Calzone literally takes your breath away. Here’s a quick insight on the kind of pizzas under discussion.

What is a Neapolitan Pizza?

It’s not the thick crust or cheese burst category, also definitely not the pan pizza. These are more on the lines of a hand tossed, thin crust pizza baked in a wood fired oven.

  • Originated in Naples, Italy.
  • Neapolitan pizzas are cooked at very high temperatures (800 F-900 F) for no more than 90 seconds.
  • To explicate, there is often more sauce than cheese, often leaving the centre soft and tolerably soggy.
  • Neapolitan-style pizza typically consists of a thin and soft crust. A crust which bubbles up and may also be charred at a few spots.

Highly Recommended

We tried the Mediterranean Pizza (vegetarian) and Smoky Pollo (non vegetarian) (4/5) both customized to the ‘Star’ for an extra charge. Both the variants were equally delicious with an eye gawking pull, a generous coating of sauce, good deal of toppings and a crust stuffed with cheese and folded to lend a star shape. The base of the pizza remains thin and crisp giving you a spectacular looking and truly palatable dish.

The Nutella Calzone (4/5) comes in close as one of the ‘Highly Recommended’ options at Estroso. Calzones are technically oven baked pizzas stuffed with toppings and served folded in half. The integration of mushy bananas and granular nutella creates a magical gooey centre. The semi-crispy dough covering compliments the sweetness and gives you a perfectly balanced dessert to test.

Nutella Calzone

The Garlic Bread (4/5) at Estroso is worthy of all praise. The lofty helping of garlic gives you the much needed extra punch and quite literally goes down as one of the better garlic bread options in the city.

garlic bread

The Ravioli (4/5) served in pink sauce was excellent with a very professionally moulded and subsequently well cooked pasta parcels. Pink sauce, the safer option when it comes to avoiding extremes in Italian sauces was the perfect choice. The flavor, texture and serving portions satisfactorily fulfill.


The 3 Layered Lasagna Chicken Bolognese with Herbs (4/5)was as thick layered, meaty and bang on in flavors and seasoning. Definitely my favored pasta pick at Estroso.


The ‘Can Do Better’ List

The Non Veg Calzone (3/5) was quite a contrast to the aforementioned highly recommended sweet calzone. The savory filling comprising of minced chicken in barbeque sauce, parmesan and cheddar where all blend well but the crust takes away a lot from this dish. The first -bite that you take leaves you with an average feel and nothing to look forward to.


The Spanish Chicken Wings (2/5) was more a case of mixed identity. The barbeque essence was unidentifiable and all I could gather was an overly tangy dressing. No doubt the chicken legs were cooked well but the dish doesn’t come close to the standardized chicken wings we are accustomed to.

spanish chicken wings

The Corn Cheese Balls served with barbecue sauce (3/5) and Spaghetti Aglio Olio (3/5) were pretty average turnouts. No faltering points but nothing stands out extraordinarily. The barbeque sauce falls on the same grounds of being overly tangy while the spaghetti needed an extra helping of black olives.

Corn Cheese Balls

Not all experiments flourish, as exciting as it may sound, the Chocolate Pizza (1/5) was chronically abysmal. The thin crust pizza with nutella spread and chocolate sprinkles comes out as severely arid and dehydrated after being heated in the oven. The texture of the pizza sans any cheese soon translates into a biscuit like base. This definitely needs a fresh thought process and makeover.

Chocolate Pizza

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Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by Kshitij and Pallavi Agrawal on behalf od Estroso Pizzeria. The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.

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