'The Great Indian Kabab Festival' At Copper Chimney

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The ‘Great Indian Kabab Festival’ hosted by Copper Chimney is as Grand as it sounds. Embracing the authentic flavours of Northern India, the festival boasts of a variety of rustic and smoky delicacies right off the tandoor. Winter just bid us adieu but, relive the ‘desi treats’ from this season right here at Copper Chimney.  The restaurant hosts a specially crafted menu for the Kabab Festival with an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to choose from.

I am not going to put down any handpicked #LPLRecommendations here, for the simple reason that I Recommend this food fiesta in its entirety.

There are two aesthetics for great kababs – 1. Marination 2. Selection of Meat. It may seem like an oblivious task but if you don’t get the meat right, which leg? Or thigh? Minced or boneless chunks – the entire dish can go for a toss. Copper Chimney has nailed this with ease and will definitely leave you impressed.

Where: Copper Chimney, 3rd Floor, Phoenix Marketcity, Viman Nagar

When : 26th January To 25th February, 2017

P.S I am a Kabab Luh-ver and I love how they’ve used the word ‘Kabab’ and not ‘Kebab’ – I feel more at home with the former word while the latter sounds  very middle-eastern-y to me, totally loses the desi touch. So #thumbsup to Copper Chimney!

Here’s a Glance at my Shahi Daawat 

  1. Raan-e-Murgh (5/5)

If I could give a 6 on 5 for this delicacy, I would. The taste is simply exotic and I couldn’t ask for a more glorious start. Chicken legs stuffed with cheese and spiced herbs, grilled perfectly – well cooked yet, no burnt edges! Flavors, texture and presentation couldn’t get any better than this.

I have tried many kababs or the like, with stuffing but never one with the bone still hanging in. Very artistically stuffed while still letting you enjoy the ‘raan’ feeling. #Superb #LPLFavorite

  1. Baluchi Chicken (4/5)

A striking contrast in flavor when compared to the Raan-e-Murgh. Chicken marinated in Baluchi spices namely nuts, yoghurt and cashews.  Highly aromatic, a milder and subtle flavor  but delicious at an equal footing.

  1. Nimbu Mirch Machhi (4/5)

Melt in the mouth fish chunks with the ‘nimbu zing’. The spicy element is slightly on the higher side, so a moderation as per your taste is recommended.

  1. Khadey Masale ka Paneer Tikka (3/5)

The vegetarian member took a slight backfoot when compared to its counterparts.  True to its name, the ‘khada masala’ was evident in every bite and I often fumbled with the ‘whole jeera and saunf’. Would recommend it for those who like their paneer red and spicy.

  1. Mutton Seekh Kabab (5/5)

This one was from their regular menu, one of the most scrumptious seekh kababs I have tasted. A lot of seekh kababs seem dry and dessicated due to improper marination or over-grilling but, this one was beautifully cooked. Thoroughly relished it.

  1. Muzaffar (5/5)

Muzaffar , in Arabic means victorious. This royal dessert couldn’t have been christened any better. A rich blend of kheer and rabdi topped with roasted sewai. Its truly the dessert of the Nawabs and highly recommended.

    7. Mashrubat Or Drinks (4/5)

The Shikanji and Kala Kattha mocktails were my favorites. With the chat masala lining the rim of the glass, they are delightful to sip on to while you gorge on the kababs. The Amrut Thandai was a lot on the sweeter side and seemed diluted, so wouldn’t recommend that.

Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by Go Paradise on behalf of Copper Chimney.  Special mention to Mr. Sanjay Wankhede, restaurant manager at Copper Chimney for being a great host. The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.

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