The Irish Hot Dog Fest

Hot Dog Fest at The Irish House

July is the American National Hot Dog Month as designated by the NHDSC (National Hot Dog and Sausage Council) of USA.  As privy as it may sound to us, this informal celebration is in order to recognize Hot Dogs as an integral part of the American Cuisine. The Council organizes and sponsors numerous events held across the United States, the proceedings from which are often given to charity.

The next time you think Hot Dogs were just so paltry, here’s a quick look at some stupefying facts and statistics that ‘may’ change that perspective.

  1. Hot Dog – The Staple American Food?

The NHDSC estimates Americans consume 20 billion hot dogs a year which approximates to about 70 hot dogs per person each year. Also, Hot dogs are served in 95 percent of homes in the United States which is enough to warrant the above statement.

  1. What are Hot Dogs made of?

All hot dogs also known as a frankfurter or a wiener are cured and cooked sausages that consist of mainly pork, beef, chicken and turkey or a combination of meat and poultry.  

  1. Is Hot Dog a Sandwich?

You wouldn’t want to say that out loud for the fear of offending the Hot Dog Army. It pretty much could be a more ‘glorified sandwich’ but is still ranked higher.

  1. Is there a right way to eat a Hot Dog?

Cringe if you want to but there happens to be a documented Hot Dog Eating ‘Etiquette’. That further supports how seriously they take their Hot Dog Business.

  1. The Tastiest Holiday?

According to the NHDSC, the peak Hot Dog Season begins on Memorial Day and goes through Labor Day, with Americans typically consuming around seven billion hot dogs during that time.

Irish House gets a miniature glimpse of such reveries happening across popular Hot Dog Eating nations to our city. The outlet at Phoenix Marketcity is all set to host the “Hot Dog Fest” from the 6th to 31st of July. A select range of 8 hot dogs which includes vegetarian options as well is on offer and brings another ray of hope in these mundane gloomy monsoons.

Take a quick look at what’s on the Hot Dog Board –

  1. Jalapeno and Corn Cheese Dog [Rating – 4/5]

A hot dog without meat is definitely a compromise but nevertheless, this vegetarian option is a delight and every single element blends lip smackingly. A hint of pickled coleslaw and cheese to mellow it a little works like a charm. My honest recommendation for the vegetarians.

  1. Cilantro Lamb Dog [Rating – 5/5]

The king of guilty pleasures and my favorite from their fest menu. The sausage is a mix of lamb and poultry and is worth a war. Housed coyly between two buns which are already laden with minced lamb and cheddar is the game changer. Highly recommended for meat lovers and those for whom ‘just chicken’ is never enough.

P.S The portion size is a tad less specifically for this one, you might have to order more than one if you have a decent appetite.


  1. Wrapped Mexican Dog [Rating – 4/5]

Hot, Hot, Hot! This one is right off cowboy land with salsa, beans and peppers. The flavors are tangy and hot and while they get you flaming, they remain utterly delicious. The tortilla wraps went a little off for me since I’m a bread lover for life. Also, a very filling portion size when compared to any other Hot Dog Variant on the menu.

  1. Mac n Cheese Dog with Smoked Chicken Sausage [Rating – 4/5]

The Mac n Cheese at Irish House has been a classic since forever. In the hot dog format as well, its pretty dope! The flavor of mac n cheese is strong enough to make you forget that you are actually eating a hot dog! Also they have a vegetarian and a pork laden variant as well. Clearly the most versatile and accommodating option on the menu.

Is the Fest Worth It?

AB-solutely. Unless we are not visiting USA during this fascination celebration, there is no other place which offers this wide a range of hot dogs. A range which is exclusive and worth the splurge. Also, hot dogs and beer, while it pours in the city could certainly be the next thing you want to upload on your gram guys!

The Hot Dog Festival

Venue – Irish House, Phoenix Market City

Dates – 6th – 31st July, 2018

Timings – All Day

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