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TJ’s Brew Works

TJs Brew Works

I love ‘unhealthy food’. Ouch that word! But this sharp, piercing truth is the fact of my life. I can legit deal with starvation rather than endure anything which is not affable to my tastebuds.

For the record, there are many more like me in the crowd, whose tongues rule their hearts. Some of us are lucky to not be victims of any chronic ailments yet, while most have eventually succumbed to these so called ‘lifestyle diseases’. They are called ‘lifestyle’ diseases for a reason which is primarily reigned by our eating habits. The ‘quality’ of what we eat drives us rather than the ‘quantity’.

Driven by these often-ignored thoughts and the zeal to merge flavor and health, TJ’s Brew Works has taken a step in the right direction.

TJ’s Brew Works recently completed 5 years in Pune and a new year definitely calls for a resolution. At TJs, it has brought in more of a culinary revolution. TJ Venkateshwaran (founder of Tjs Brew works) has partnered with Girish Monie to introduce a healthy menu which speaks about alternatives. Why alternative? Because we often forget that we have the option – the option to choose what’s better for us.

tjs (2)


Spent grain Menu

Spent grain constitutes almost 85% of the bye product or ‘beer waste’ at any brewery. It is derived from the leftover malt after the majority of its sugar and proteins have been extracted. With extensive research, numerous techniques have been developed to find alternative uses of this highly nutritive grain. At TJs, there is a ‘well crafted and executed’ spent grain menu, also the first such venture in the country, which will make you fall in love with the sheer simplicity of healthy eating.

Spent Crusted Onion Rings – a true gem of a dish where crusted onions are served with a luscious dip. TJs gets this one perfectly crisp in appearance, flavor and intention.

Spent Crusted Onion Rings

Now for one of my favorites, the masterpiece Mediterranean Lamb Burger on spent roll. A low-carb and mineral laden burger bun with some authentically  prepared minced lamb patty.  Scrumptious in every bite with a strong aroma of rosemary. There is also a version for the vegetarians in the form of the Grilled Cottage Cheese Burger on spent roll, which also performs satisfactorily.

Mediterranean Lamb Burger

Spinach and mushroom spent ravioli – Handmade ravioli made of spent grain which was a little grainy in texture. The pinenut pesto sauce as the base is more on the dark side with strong hints of pesto, very strong flavors.

 Spent Ravioli

Healthy Alternatives

Where there is a will there is a way, at TJs they say it out loud. There are some noteworthy mentions or rather dishes that floored me with their ingredients, without compromising on the flavors.

The Zucchini Wrapped Prawns is a prodigious take on the king sized prawns using the humble zucchini as its blanket. The skewers affixed on a bed of lettuce, this one has a one of a kind presentation.

Zucchini Wrapped Prawns

Another salad which leaves a mark. The Roasted Beetroot Salad which has plenty of feta cheese tucked away between sliced beetroot. A great mix of flavors on the lines of watermelon and feta, just better.

beetrootsalad (2)

Cream of coconut and Brocolli is rich, velvety concoction of coconut and broccoli. This is possibly one of the best versions of broccoli I have ever tasted. A broth relished to the last drop.



Nudo Pizzas

A healthy pizza – low on calories, a fibre rich – protein laden, yet delicious. What could this possibly be, except that my dreams are made of these!

Another visionary step by Tjs Brew works. A passionate mind can breakdown complex ideas and Girish Monie is definitely the one man who proves this. Nudo which means ‘nude’ in Italian is a Gluten free, Grain free and Guilt free pizzas. The kind of bases they use is a preliminary shocker but the taste certainly does not disappoint.

nudo pizza

The effort behind creating pizza crusts made of Quinoa, Buckwheat, Amaranth and more is appreciable. Here’s my take on the ‘healthiest pizza experience’ of my existence.




nudo pizza

The Nudo Pizzeria al Naturale has a more ‘Make Your Own’ Pizza concept as well as a signature range. Choose from a variety of toppings and meatlings. The Meaty Happy Ending and the Cheesy Foursome were my personal favorites.

Quinoa and Buckwheat are by and large more well known as compared to the other variants of crusts available. There is a unique ‘Almond’ and another ‘Cauliflower and Whey Protein’ option. Whey Protein? Woah! A pizza you could possibly binge before you hit the gym.

Amaranth on the other hand is a lesser known, nutrient rich grain which has mineral content higher than most vegetables.

Now no waiting for cheat days to have your slice of pizza. Go Nudo!




Sugar Game

Just when you thought this couldn’t get better, arrives the Chocolate Pave. A sugar free dessert with the essence of chocolate intact.  The word ‘pave’ is a French word describing a rectangular shaped serving of food. Very light and airy in texture and super low on calories.

Chocolate Pave

There was also a Lemon tart with a buckwheat base on this revolutionary menu which happened to be a little too sour for my palate.

Lemon Buckwheat Tart


The introduction of this comprehensive health conscious menu at Tjs is definitely a game changer especially being in the brewery segment. Extensive research and perseverance reflects in the prices as well, considering the new menu is very opulent. It is a matter of great debate of how the dishes with such attributes and pricing are conceived by the regular Puneite. With the ever changing food scenes in the city and restaurant eaters experimenting with their food and drinks, we can hope for the best for TJs.

TJsbrewworks (2)

TJ’s Brew Works

East Block, Amanora Town Center


Timing : 12 PM to 1 AM.

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Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by Svetlana Savant of Carpe Diem on behalf of TJ’s Brew Works.  The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.

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