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Travelling Sushi Festival at Shizusan, Asian Bistro

Travelling Sushi Festival  

  • Have you been hearing the word, ‘sushi’ a lot lately?

  • Did you think Sushi was just ‘raw fish’?

  • Have you been in two minds for whether or not to try this Japanese Delicacy?

If the answer to even one of the above questions is in the affirmative, then the Beginner’s Chart to Sushi Eating by @lobsterpastalady is here to your rescue.

Sushi Guide
                                                 Sushi Guide

Why The Name ‘Travelling Sushi’?

The Specially curated menu for the festival is world-inspired. 8 Maki rolls infused with ingredients like activated charcoal, avocado, snow peas and beetroot. The ingredients belong to far off lands –Ethiopia, North America, South East Asia and more. That’s how far Chef Paul Kinny’s thoughts travelled to bring to you an excellent collection of Sushis.

When & Where?

Shizusan – South East Asian Shophouse & Bar

Cities – Pune (Phoenix MarketCity), Mumbai & Bengaluru

Dates – 11th July To 31st July

How Much?

Vegetarian : 565 ++

Non Vegetarian : 665 ++


The Menu has 4 each of vegetarian and non vegetarian options. Each with a serving portion of 8 pieces.

Here’s a quick glance at what’s on the ‘Inside’ and of course my favorites.

LPL Favorite : Chiang Mai Urumaki (vegetarian), Sri Lankan Roll & Peking Duck Maki


Vegetarian Sushi

  1. Chiang Mai Urumaki

Avocado, Crunchy Asparagus, Spicy Sriracha Mayo, Bird’s eye chillies and chilli powder.

LPL Take : The Bird’s eye chilli and chilli powder is a firecracker combination. Bird’s eye chilli is a species of capsicum common  in Ethiopia and Southeast Asia. The particular variant of Chilli is extremely spicy and pungent but this Sushi preparation nails it with the balanced inclusions. The sriracha adds the zing, my favorite from the vegetarian spread

Chiang Mai Urumaki
Chiang Mai Urumaki
  1. Mediterranean Roll

Hummus, Zaa’tar, Zucchini, young pickled spinach and carrots.

LPL Take: I call it the ‘Sheikh in Japan’. Heavy duty Mediterranean ingredients and flavors, easily recognizable even on blindfold. But adjusting in Japan is some task for the Sheik, ain’t it? A rather confusing mix of flavors, quite passable.  


  1. Greek Maki

Peppers, feta, celery, Tzatziki, dill mayo, truffle oil and daikon.

 LPL Take: A salad like taste on the inside, the truffle oil and dill mayo make a creamy yet strong combination. Daikon is a rare species of winter radish with immense health benefits. A potent peppery taste lingers after every bite.

  1. Tutto Funghi Urumaki

Wild mushrooms, white shimeji tempura, kewpie mayo, snow peas and chive flower.

 LPL Take: Finally mushrooms, a magic ingredient and an appetite driver for many vegetarians. The only vegetarian option with the most exotic combinations on the menu. Shimeji is a group of mushroom native to East Asia and Northern Europe. While kewpie mayo is a Japanese style mayo with a thinner consistency and more depth of spices. The snow peas lend an added sweetness making this a terrific sushi to relish and remember.  

Tutto Fungi Urumaki
Tutto Fungi Urumaki


Non Vegetarian Sushi

  1. Norweigan Salmon Maki

Smoked Salmon, Sauerkraut, Philadelphia Cheese, Cranberries, Mustard artichokes and toasted sesame.

 LPL Take: Read the above ingredients once again. The mere thought of creating a dish with the above ingredients is commendable. Haven for seafood lovers, a melt in the mouth sushi. Salmon and mustard balanced perfectly, satisfaction in every bite.

Norweigan Salmon Maki
Norweigan Salmon Maki


  1. Jamaican Roll

Crayfish Tempura, Spicy jerk mayo, activated charcoal and agave rice.

 LPL Take: Activated charcoal is probably the most ‘trending’ ingredient right now. The sushi not only tastes but also looks exotic, so aptly named Jamaican. The agave rice makes it less sweeter than other variants, a fabulous creation.

Jamaican Roll
Jamaican Roll
  1. Sri Lankan Roll
    Spicy Crabmeat, coconut cream, sambal, beetroot rice and yam crisps.

 LPL Take: Another beauty which imbibes rich South East Asian flavors while having the looks of an angel. The ‘good looker’ or the most ‘Instagrammable Sushi’ of the lot. A mix of hot and spicy, perfect to the core.


Sri Lankan Roll
Sri Lankan Roll
  1. Peking Duck Maki

Smoked duck, hoisin, sweet chilli glaze, cucumber, crunchy wanton strips and scallions. 

LPL Take: Damn those succulent chunks of duck meat! One bite and the carnivore in me breathed a sigh of relief. Nothing, absolutely nothing compares to some well cooked meat. The sharp hoisin glaze works wonders while the crunchy wanton strips (which happened to resemble desi ‘farsan’ for some reason) complete the pretty picture.

Peking Duck Maki
Peking Duck Maki


Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by Carpe Diem on behalf of Shizusan. The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.


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